§97.505 Element credit.

(a) The administering VEs must give credit as specified below to an examinee holding any of the following license grants:

Operator class Unexpired (or within the renewal
grace period)
Expired and beyond the renewal
grace period
(1) Amateur Extra Not applicable Elements 3 and 4
(2) Advanced; General; or Technician granted before March 21, 1987 Elements 2 and 3 Element 3
(3) Technician Plus; or Technician granted on or after March 21, 1987 Element 2 No credit

(b) The administering VEs must give credit to an examinee holding a CSCE for each element the CSCE indicates the examinee passed within the previous 365 days.

[79 FR 35291, June 20, 2014]




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